In 1985 Bob Sleigh put a small ad in a local listings magazine not quite knowing what he was about to start! In one of the many "Dr. Livingstone I presume" moments that we have had in Berlin, Trevor Wilson brought his readymade bunch of wayward expat cricketers that had learned their urban Berlin cricket skills in front of the Reichstag, then used as a museum, and the Hasenheide park along to meet Bob in a pub in Wedding. Also at this historic gathering were two other BCC founding members Tim Sandner and Pete Edge plus a bunch of other people we have unfortunately forgotten, we played our first game together in a Berlin park (the Rehberge in the area of Wedding). Enjoying ourselves and scaring "das Volk" so much on and off the pitch, the rest of the season was spent honing ourselves into a slick cricketing machine called "The Refugees".

After much deliberation, paperwork, headaches and ironed shirts we finally were allowed to play in the military part of the Berlin Olympic Stadium and were invited to play in a cup tournament. Our first recorded game was on the 2nd August 1986 against a mixed army team of the 1420 Hussars and Royal Military Police. They scored 109 for 3 in 20 overs and bowled us out for 64! Later that day game number two took place against the Berlin Stragglers who got 135 for 4 off 20. We replied with 85 for 5 with Bob Sleigh bribing everybody after the game with a round of G&Ts to get 4 byes converted into a four!!