Following the departure of the British army Berlin was left with one functioning cricket pitch, a pavillion, an empty scorer house and virtually no opposition!

Thanks to some pioneering efforts from Viktoria 89 a league was formed with the support of the BFV (Berlin Football Association). Four teams made up the beginnings of cricket in Berlin as we know it. Us, the BCC, Viktoria 89, the Stragglers and DSSC which used to be called US Sector in the army days.

Originally the BCC was affiliated with the DSSC but this turned into a very unhappy marriage and in 1996 the BCC finally went solo and became an official German sports club, officially the Berlin Cricket Club e.V. There was actually a Berliner Cricket-Club registered in Berlin in 1883 that was apparently also the first registered football playing club in Berlin and also in 1891 an original member of the then German Football and Cricket Association (they dropped the cricket bit in 1912). We asked the authorities in Berlin for details about this club but they told us that they had no records from that time (or they couldn't be bothered to look for them). Any information about this gladly accepted.