Following The Refugees "acceptance" into the military cricket inner circle in 1986 we proceeded to take part in more tournaments and were eventually allowed to train in the nets once a week and were invited to join the Berlin second division. Originally the whipping boys we more than made up for things in the third innings and were regularly banned from the NAAFI (army pub on base). Nonetheless this made us even more popular with the army and we even started winning games! We even christened ourselves the Berlin Cricket Club for league playing but for cup cometitions we would enter as the BCC Refugees.

All went well until 1989. After November of that year the cards were redealt in Berlin and although the 1990 season went off as planned part of the reunification deal was that the occupying forces in Berlin were surplus to requirements. So in the early 1990s as the song goes, Nellie the elephant packed her trunk and said goodbye to the circus! In this case the trunk was filled with the innards of an electronic scoreboard and the coconut matting pitches we used to play cricket on which apparently ended up in a shed somewhere in Moenchengladbach. Luckily enough the astroturf pitch on the old GOCs ground on K├Ârnerplatz was left.

It was now time for the BCC to grow up!