The 1860s saw two new sports being introduced into Berlin from expat British. One sport was Association Football which, as we know, has been well embraced by the Germans! The other sport was cricket and at the time proved very popular and was even played during the first World War. Around the early Thirties cricket was deemed very un-German and the game disappeared from the sporting calendar.

Following the influx of allied troops into the city post 1945 it was inevitable that the game would be played again. Due to the secular bnature of the armed forces and the security measures in place around their bases it was nigh on impossible for non-connected civilians to even see a game, let alone play. Nevertheless where there is a will... and over the resulting years a few civilian teams made up mostly of non-miltary local support personell and the odd diplomat would be allowed to play on the four cricket pitches maintained by the British occupying forces.

In the early 80s there were three civilian teams playing in Berlin (Stragglers, US Sector and Viktoria 89). Soon there would be a fourth...

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